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“The book unfolds the power of the 10 ingredients already within us, through real stories from ordinary people who became extraordinary leaders across diverse disciplines, cultures, and nationalities …. 6 chairmen, 16 CEOs, 5 leading musicians, 2 sporting athletes, 2 world famous chefs, a policewoman, young Gen Y bright students, young rising stars, high potential managers, principals/teachers, ministers, social workers, a priest, a poet, film maker and record producer."

You can do anything if you really want conversation with Sir George Martin, Producer of the Beatles

About the Book

  • How does a golfer who has not had any formal golf lessons win the prestigious US Masters? 
  • How does a novel written by an unknown author end up as a national bestseller? 
  • Why did an Austrian tour guide become the chairman of not one, but two of the world’s largest companies?
  • How did a child in South Korea travel kilometres across rivers every day to attend school become Prime Minister and a UN envoy?
  • Why did sheer instinct make a chef turn around a failing business into one of the top restaurants?
  • How does a group of uneducated, unqualified, self-taught ‘lunch box carriers’ in Mumbai become certified Six Sigma teachers at Harvard?


So, this book is not about superstars or super heroes. This is very much about real, ordinary people with extraordinary insights or experiences to share, who have chosen to maximise their blend - real people who are capable but flawed, who used the nine ingredients to become leaders while stumbling two, three times, or more before they got it right.

Mining the intersection of the author’s own journey with those of the leaders above, Leadership it’s in your DNA gives us a code, which is not fixed or formulaic. It is, instead a blend of ten ingredients we are all born with. A blend allows us to mix and match the ten ingredients to suit each reader’s unique requirements. For e.g. more emotions for the mature, experienced leader while more resilience for the younger rising star. It gives you choice and empowerment as a reader rather than being prescriptive and clinical.

In conversation with an international list of successful leaders this book explains how to unlock your unique leadership DNA. The book unfolds experiential stories from 6 Chairmen, 16 CEOs, 5 leading musicians, 2 sporting athletes, 2 famous chefs, a policewoman, young Gen Y bright students, rising stars and high potential managers, principals/teachers, ministers, social workers, a priest, a poet, film maker and record producer.

That’s why their story in becoming a leader, is so believable.